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Sculpture - Performance

Hackney WickED presents the GLASS FACTORY


16th-18th August 2013

Hackney WickED PRESENTS : Glass Factory

Hackney WickED is proud to present a programme of art, parfomance and audio visual sonic manipulation.

Friday 16th August from 6pm-9pm
Saturday 17th August from 12pm-10pm
Sunday 18th August from 12pm-9pm

Friday 16 August 6pm-9pm

ArtRoulette : A WickED Game

ArtRoulette is an independent curatorial concept that challenges the luck of the participants and the artists. Everyone is invited to gamble on the roulette wheel situated amongst artworks that could be yours to keep. The gallery based events feature emerging artists working in diverse mediums; ArtRoulette offers an interactive and fair chance for all partakers to own a unique artwork from talented newcomers.

ArtRoulette has successfully hosted two ArtRoulette events in London and Berlin so far. The first event took place at Frameless Gallery, Clerkenwell, in January 2012. The second event in Berlin, at Kulturkantine in March 2013. Both events were one-night-only ticket events. The winning participant of the night can choose a piece of art to keep and the chosen artist gets paid after the cost is covered. Five artists working in mediums from photography to performance art were selected for each event. ArtRoulette are interested in revealing the inherent materialistic nature of the contemporary art world. Out of a casino context the sense of competition and gambling in the art world are to become a discourse for both the artist and the viewer.

Saturday 17th August

12pm-5pm Steakhouse at Hackney WickED

Steakhouse in the Wick Steakhouse Live has put together a programme of dynamic artists, to deliver a showcase of new and exciting work for Hackney WickED. Join us at Mother Studios, Queens Yard for a full day of inspiring performances and live actions.
Recent press:

5pm-5.30pm Adam McAlavey ‘The Shrine’

‘The Shrine’ is a living sculpture/installation. It vacuums the performer into a frozen pose; the vacuum is created by the performers breathing. Adam performed this at the London fetish event Rubber Cult where it attracted worshipers!

 6.30pm-7pm Hitomi Kammai

Live painting and video performance “Rain”

Concept: Hitomi Kammai
Performer: Hitomi Kammai
Video: Yuko Yama
Technical assistant: Le Phasme
Music in video: Dill
Music in performance: Hitomi Kammai, Le Phasme

The combination of a live painting by Hitomi Kammai and a video by Yuko Yama, that shows the rain in Japan that pollutes the ground but still enriches it for a new life. The audience is invited to enter in a room where there are a dented painting on the wall with a small sculpture of a drop and a white canvas on the floor. One wonders what is the correspondence between them. The performance then starts and reveals the meaning of the pieces and how they were created.

The surface of the painting is made from polystyrene connected to a computer through sensors. Drops for action painting are made from glue and acrylic; therefore each drop makes dents when falling on the polystyrene surface and produces electronic sounds triggered by sensors.

7pm-8pm Parallel Relay – Glass

Kirsty Dixon & Esther Ainsworth
A site-specific sound and light installation exploring the qualities of glass, by sound artist Esther Ainsworth and light artist Kirsty Dixon.

9pm-10pm Sculpture

Sculpture (musician, Dan Hayhurst and animator, Reuben Sutherland) generate an unstable agglomerate of post-techno dancefloor mutations, cybernetic electronics, pop, comic strips, mechanical and digital animation, tape loops and computer sequences, heart and head, past and future.

Sculpture’s third LP, Slime Code (2012/13), originally released on ultra-limited edition cassette by patten’s Kaleidoscope label in 2012, was reissued by Digitalis Recordings in January 2013. Previously, the duo released two zoetrope picture discs on Dekorder, Rotary Signal Emitter (2010) and Toad Blinker (2011).

Dan Hayhurst plays digital media devices, reel to reel tape recorder, sampler, effectron, and walkman. Reuben Sutherland plays video zoetrope turntable, ‘DJing’ with psychophonotropic picture discs which animate when filmed, beaming looping fragments of surreal, luridly coloured imagery into eyeballs and brains at 25 frames per second – Victorian mechanical imaging technology combined with digital video.

Sunday 18 August

12pm-4.30pm /i’klektik/

Hackney WickED is proud to announce a performance cocktail afternoon with a multiform selection of performers curated by Eduard Solaz.
The Uncollective: Alice Malseed, Brandy Spitz, Jake Laffoley, Yvonne Lake and Priya Saujani.

12pm-4pm CLUSTER BOMB [collective] performance by Sebastian H.W

If I can be Your Ears, You can be MY Eyes
Durational & 1-on-1 – from 12pm till 4pm: lasting from the beginning of the performances till the end

For 1 audience and 1 performer at a time; a performance walk around Hackney Wick and the WickED festival which lasts the duration of either performer or audience (approx. 10-15 minutes).

12.30pm-1.30pm Alice Malseed

Seen in Soft Focus
Seen in Soft Focus is a story about a love of the lively.
It’s a blurry truth. It is loud, fun, and raw. It’s a cacophony of music and reality.  The show is about a desire to be drowned in enjoyment, and about what happens when this enjoyment becomes too much, when our life-lines no longer save us. It’s about London and Belfast and Berlin and everywhere and everyone. It is about people, not place.

1.30pm-3pm Yvonne Lake

Sound Poetry

3pm-3.30pm Jake Laffoley

Laffoley’s performance is interested in the notion the ‘precariat’ that Angela McRobbie has discussed responding to creative workers who engage in increasingly flexible working conditions. Laffoley’s work is inspired by this and the potential that the artist figure is ‘burnt out’ not dissimilar to Bartleby

3.30pm-3.30PM Brandy Spitz

Ever had your heart broken? Brandy laughs in the face of a broken heart.  No man is good enough for her, however no man has ever loved her. Brandy invites you to explore her experience with men.

4.15pm-4.30pm Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin (members of The Uncollective) Medium

A series of mediocre attempts to reach a possible masterpiece; however, anticlimax is probable.

5pm-9pm AVTV

The Light Surgeons (AV set)



Christopher Thomas Allen is a pioneering media artists and film maker from London. He is the remaining founder and director of The Light Surgeons and established the company with a group of friends while studying Media Design at Portsmouth University in 1994. His work has always crossed a diverse range of different media; from his back ground in graphic design and photography, he has gone on to directed and produce short films, music videos and motion graphics work. He has created various art and commercial installations projects, curated exhibitions and has help develop a whole new approach to multimedia performance through our live cinema projects. He works on all aspects of projects at The Light Surgeons as a producer, director and collaborating multimedia artist in his own right.

Bitvert (AV set)

Bitvert is a music producer (electronica/electro/IDM) signed to Random Records. His set fuses punchy electronica and punk cinema aesthetic into a visceral live experience. Bitveert has an interdisciplinary approach to art practice that includes projection, audio, moving image and 2D media.Recent projects include music production and large-scale projection. His work with architectural projection evolved from a stint of guerrilla advertising, such as the infamous projection of Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament.

Scanone (DJ set)

Jude Greenaway (Scanone)

Perhaps best known for his work on his own label Yellow Machines and his music released on Combat Recordings, Jude Greenaway aka “Scanone” is a London-based producer and DJ who has been making, playing and releasing music for over a decade. In that time he has managed to develop a sound that skirts around the lunatic fringes of a myriad of underground genres, from bass-heavy electro and techno to glitched-up IDM and techy, brooding electronics. Throughout the years his dj and live sets have gained a solid reputation on the London club circuit.

Audio Dependant (Live electronica)

Tim Cowie

Tim is a creative at The Light Surgeons and has contributed to a wide range of different projects as an editor, animator, sound designer and director since 2004. During this time he has been a collaborating artist on many different types of projects but in recent years he has become a major part of our live cinema performance projects. He also works as an audio artist under the name Audio Dependent. More of his creative work can be found here:

The Void (DJ set)

Eliot Needham

The Void is a pioneering DJ in the fields of techno and deep electronica.


Joe Catchpole