Loving the fallout…

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This is a single Drinking Wine is better than? Better than YOU! with two additional tracks brought to you by Bizzare! and The Collective (SITUATIONALIST INTERNATIONAL III)…

  1. Drinking wine is better than? Better than YOU!

2.  Improvisation and wasted…

3. Signing off!

Bizzare! had a few soirees with Situationalist International III where some recordings were taken at the end of the soiree. The Situationalist International III is the third revolutionary alliance of world musicians, DJs, avant-garde artists, graffiti writers, writers, poets and academics formed on-line on the 19 December 2008 (aka Internationale Situationiste or IS). It combines artists, writers, academics and anyone who has a thought in their head that the basis of capitalism is unsustainable and should be critiqued from a mixture of Marxist, Surrealist, and Anarchist thoughts as the consumer society is hygienising the world in which we live and making it one dull bland existence void of culture and difference. As a Situationists you should want to break down the division between artists and consumers and make cultural production a part of everyday life. So that all can enjoy and participate in Art and change the way of every day living. Its not about replacing Capitalism but change the way we live and interact.

Below is a sample of the end of the Soiree Deux held for the Situationalist International III and the aftermath is the single Drinking Wine is better than? Better than You!

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