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The film documents the ideas and the process behind the painting of the Lord Napier Pub.

It also features the ‘Burning of Homogenisation Funeral Procession’ the closing ceremony of last years DIY open studios.


As part of Matyoshka at The Yard | Screening @ approx 7pm.

“I am just scared, of sanitisation, homogenisation…. and we are a very close community.”
Aida Wilde, Hackney Wicked DIY Open Studios, Summer 2016
“Hackney Wick, to me, feels like a place where anyone who steps foot into the area, is free to be themselves. Between its streets and yards anything can happen, all forms of expression, uniqueness and individuality. It is hard to find that kind of spirit anywhere else in London. The film I hope, portrays this reality along with the artists who make this ex-industrial corner of London, their own.”
Martha McAlpine- the filmmaker
The Lord Napier Project was conceived of and project managed by Aida Wilde.
Anna Maloney, Marie Brenneis and Aida Wilde planned and organised the Burning of Homogenisation Funeral Procession










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