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Hackney WickED Late at Mick’s Garage

Hackney WickED Late: Greased Up

Location: Micks Garage, Queen’s Yard, E9 5EN

Date: Friday 29 July 2916 from 6pm-11pm (RSVP HERE FOR FREE ENTRY)

In 2010 when Hackney WickED was at its hedonistic heights ‘Run Riot’ described the area as an ‘apocalyptic world’ where only the artists survived. Fast Forward to 2016 Hackney WickED slams the brakes on in Queens Yard for an evening of reminiscence at Mick’s Garage (a former Garage ran by Mick) for an explosive evening of Installation, Live Art and Performance that will leave you exhausted.


STRONTIUM 92 <Alexis Milne>
Tex Royale
Lu Ma Oi
Stray Transmission
London Sound Painting Orchestra
Beat Box Collective
Marie Brenneis
Dean Todd
Aoife Van Linden
Mai Nguyen Tri

Curated by Laura May Lewis
Artwork by Simon Reuben White