Artists By Medium / Sculpture


Abilene 1975

The strongest elements used in my work to date are digital art, photography and sculpture. I like to convey my fascination with technology and its advances in our society. I […]

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Alex Burdiak

Visual artist Alex Burdiak moves between a range of disciplines and is not necessarily limited to a defined medium or mode of working. This varied approach encourages a diversity in […]

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AysegulTuran Untitled

Aysegul Turan

Aysegul Turan is an artist working with structures to build capacities for subliminal perception. Such modalities bring forth an understanding of natural faculties. Through observing and contemplating on natural phenomena, […]

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Byron Peters

Stop Working. Why are there so many bullshit jobs? Come discuss current “make-work projects,” see some posters that proclaim that both money and marriage should have expiry dates to release […]

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Daisy Jones

Daisy Jones is an artist making handmade jewellery from her studio in Hackney Wick. Originally trained as an art historian, Daisy now makes sculptural jewellery pieces from silver and mixed […]

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David Le Fleming

Le Fleming is known in some circles as that guy who likes to paint hair. Being somewhat of a linear geek, most ideas seem to stem from the prospect of […]

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Dygoro Sasaki

Dygoro Sasaki is a London based visual artist and photographer. In 2005, he started the theme “The message of mess-age” – which is about exploring time and memories. More recently […]

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Esther Ainsworth

Gathering recordings of sounds and rhythms in the landscape, Esther creates performances and installations which transform sounds into new and altered environments. Often her work allows participants to contribute sonic […]

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Ewan Eason

Eason’s prints portray a contemporary visualisation of today’s cities juxtaposed to their medieval namesake. They depict a bird’s eye view of some of the most iconic topographical surfaces in shimmering […]

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Fantich and Young

Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have resided in Hackney Wick since 2004 and have been working together as fantich&young since 2008. Their work address’s parallels between social evolution and evolution […]

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Fausto Sanmartino

“Where a part of something becomes part of something else” Over the years, I have used the space to create installations which investigate the empty space around me. Those operations, […]

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Hannah Brown

Painting and sculpture centred on the psychology of the English landscape Through painting and sculpture my work centres on the psychology of the English landscape. I am interested in the […]

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Jesse Wade

Jesse Wade presents a series of 15 paintings of the view of the Wick from 19 Oslo House, a view he has witnessed for nearly 10 years. The paintings are […]

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Jim Jack

Graceful and sensuous sculpture

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John King

John King’s art addresses the idea of inner life and its effect on outer life. Psychological portraits in two- and three-dimensions. Thoughts, imaginings, memories and their effect on the subject.

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Josephine Chime

Mix media London based artist transgressing ideas of accepted beauty through the deconstruction of her body.

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Katie Horwich

Finding a copy of The Sun Newspaper every day, I paint the outfit I’m wearing that day onto the page three girl’s nearly naked body. Read more about Katie’s work […]

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Kirsty Dixon

Kirsty Dixon’s work aims to make the mundane ethereal and to capture and create a sense of physicality for the intangible and transient. The works utilise the transformative effects of […]

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Lawrence Lek

I am inspired by processes of gravity and growth. The literal translation of utopia as a ‘no-place’ suggests it has many parallels in digital culture, with computer engineers appropriating the […]

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Lee Borthwick

Mirror installations and sculptural works in wood. From her East London workshop, Scots born installation artist Lee Borthwick has been creating custom-made and site specific natural artworks for residential, commercial […]

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Liz Elton

Liz Elton is has recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her work is included in this year’s John Moores exhibition opening in […]

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Luis Martín

Luis Martín is a Spanish artist living in London since March 2013. Luis graduated in Fine Arts from Complutense University of Madrid, and spent a year studying in Coimbra, Portugal. […]

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Marie Brenneis & Olivier Adam

Marie Brenneis and Olivier Adam have been working together as DollyOlli since 2009. They work in Public Art, Installation and Sculpture. They love to bring a smile to our faces […]

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Michael Trew

Michael Trew has been involved with Origami and paper sculpture since the age of 6, and has been working to commission full time for the last 3 years from Stour […]

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Mick Frangou

My art practice consists of one symbol serially repeated. I have been using a T-shape since 1979. The act of its relentless serial repetition is an attempt to give the […]

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Nathalie Limon & Gabriella Rosa Bertin

ROOM 55 – A SURREAL STUDIO GOLDCOAT and Zero.One.Nine share a studio and have collaborated using their respective skills of tailoring and moving image to produce an open studio/installation in […]

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Nina Mankin

Nina Mankin’s work uses primarily found objects and mixed-media in the form of sculpture, assemblage and installation. Collecting and dissecting objects & images is at the core of her work, which […]

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Pol McLernon / Sunshine Faggio

Pól McLernon (°1975, Killyfad, Ireland) creates mixed media artworks, sculptures and sound artworks. By questioning the concept of movement, McLernon investigates the non-linear dynamics of landscape, including the manipulation of […]

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Robert Aberdein

Rob is one of our longest standing studio holders and what he can do with his hands is quite incredible.

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Rodolph de Salis

Storage & Stockpile art; total decoration; 4D collage; melange; objet festivale; Gallery Everywhere & Capriccio sound-system. Important and varied collection of pictures and sculptural ingredients escorted by vinyl-vivant soundscape; the […]

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Rossen Daskalov

Figurative artist working in painting, sculpture, drawing and printing. In my works I express the antagonism between individual and norm. This tension opens the content of the human form, its […]

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Rossen Daskalov

Figurative artist working in painting, sculpture, drawing and printing. In my works I express the antagonism between individual and norm. This tension opens the content of the human form, its […]

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Sam Meredith

Education 2009-2013 Brighton University, BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting) 2008-2009 Kingston University Foundation in Art and Design Artist in Residence Organhaus, Chongqing, China – January to March 2014 S.E.S.G – […]

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Shona MacPherson

Since taking part in two residencies, one in rural Finland and one in Iceland my work investigates the way human’s relate to landscape and wilderness. I am interested in the […]

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Simon Linington

It is my intervention, interaction and relationship with the world around me that manifest into an artwork. I use whatever process or material is appropriate to convey the idea. My […]

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Susan Swartzberg

My artwork attempts to ask both the viewer and myself what enables or inhibits change, through visually representing feelings and emotions, exploring the notions of transformation and stagnation and investigating […]

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Wilfrid Wood

I make satirical sculptures. Heads and figures from polymer clay and papier mache.

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