Artists By Medium / Photography


Abilene 1975

The strongest elements used in my work to date are digital art, photography and sculpture. I like to convey my fascination with technology and its advances in our society. I […]

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Agustin Ciarfaglia

I mainly do painting and photography. The paintings are the immediate expression of my feelings: I am alone in the studio with different types of materials, and something (sometimes) happens…. My photos try […]

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Alex Burdiak

Visual artist Alex Burdiak moves between a range of disciplines and is not necessarily limited to a defined medium or mode of working. This varied approach encourages a diversity in […]

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Ania Dabrowska

Award-winning artist working in photography, video, installation and sound, interested in archives, people and their stories, participation and social-engagement. Meet the artist and see her current work in development on […]

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Ben Hopper

Ben Hopper is a commercial & fine art photographer, filmmaker and artist. Primarily working with dancers, circus artists and contemporary nudes. Ben Hopper has been working in Hackney Wick since […]

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Bruno Conti

Bruno Conti – age 31 Was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil – never fit in there. Studied, graduated, and worked as an architect – got bored, it wasn’t enough. Got […]

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Daisy Bentley

I draw, stick, collect, ink, shade, make, photograph, stitch, print, cut, visualise, stencil, animate, fold, colour, knit, film, carve, design, process and paint as well as many other creative things. […]

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Dygoro Sasaki

Dygoro Sasaki is a London based visual artist and photographer. In 2005, he started the theme “The message of mess-age” – which is about exploring time and memories. More recently […]

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Part 2 Egle Tolusyte

Eglė Toli

Egle Tolusyte was born and raised in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Attended 4-year art school in her own country, before she moved to the United Kingdom in 2011 to pursue BA degree […]

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3F_080 018

EJ Major

EJ Major won the Salon Photo Award 2011. The concerns that inform my work are rooted in questions of identity and in the lexicon of languages we must adapt to […]

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Eva Roovers

Dutch Artist Eva Roovers specialises in still life photography. The newly arranged harmonious display of heterogeneous objects becomes simultaneously a set of possibility and of failure. Failure is within the […]

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Fausto Sanmartino

“Where a part of something becomes part of something else” Over the years, I have used the space to create installations which investigate the empty space around me. Those operations, […]

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Isabel Albiol Estrada

For Hackney WickED Open Studios Isabel Albiol Estrada will be showing ‘The Great Apes’. The title of this series of drawings is the common term for Hominidae, a taxonomic family […]

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Josephine Chime

Mix media London based artist transgressing ideas of accepted beauty through the deconstruction of her body.

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Kirsty Dixon

Kirsty Dixon’s work aims to make the mundane ethereal and to capture and create a sense of physicality for the intangible and transient. The works utilise the transformative effects of […]

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Liz Elton

Liz Elton is has recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her work is included in this year’s John Moores exhibition opening in […]

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Lucie Winterson

I am working within the continuum of artists from cave painters onwards, whose subject matter is nature. As our relationship with and ideas about nature change so there is an […]

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Marta Ceynowa

Marta Maria Ceynowa, b. 1991, Gdansk, Poland, graduated from the University of East London in Photography in 2013.

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Matthew Booth

Photographic Artist and Commercial Photographer. Educated at the Royal College of Art, Matthew relies on a contemplative approach, seeking form, context, using light and composition as a medium to make […]

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Michael Worobec

My work may be seen as a visual metaphor for the process of reproduction, growth and development both physical and emotional. In the complex and challenging experiences of life we […]

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Mikel Aramendia

PhotographerI am a “visual moment-hunter” with no specific strategy. I walk day-dreaming with my eyes (and aperture) wide open capturing moments in my day and night drifts.   I like […]

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Nina Bosnic & Jess Tierney

Jessamine Tierney and Nina Bosnic create photographs with a simple box camera. Working with long exposure times, the photographs capture something beyond a simple portrait or still life. The images […]

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Ola Kanczura

I make site specific installations, objects, furniture, interiors and other fun things with the aim of telling stories through curious concepts and carefully chosen materiality. I am also fascinated by […]

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Oliver David

As the image becomes the primary form of regulation, it is impossible to document with out affecting the outcome of that which is documented. These images are a counter-discourse, looking […]

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Rodolph de Salis

Storage & Stockpile art; total decoration; 4D collage; melange; objet festivale; Gallery Everywhere & Capriccio sound-system. Important and varied collection of pictures and sculptural ingredients escorted by vinyl-vivant soundscape; the […]

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Rosie Emerson

Rosie’s figures draw reference from archetypes old and new, from Artemis to the modern day super model. Unrestrained in her technique she uses experimental photography, intricate props, dramatic lighting, and […]

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Sally Cole and Laura Sheldon

A collaboration project between Sally Cole and Laura Sheldon Sally Cole Photographer and Mixed Media Artist with an interest in the environment and ethics particularly in relation to the fashion […]

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Sophie Pasiewicz

Things found on the ground or in the sky are interesting because they tell us something about what exists in between. Recent concerns in my practice focus on the meeting […]

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Stanislav Briza

Stanislav Briza / *1983 / born in Czech Republic / based in London # since 2014 editor in chief of publishing BFLMPSVZ # since 2012 student of photography at the […]

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Teän Roberts

Teän Roberts is a photographer who works with film and polaroid processes. Punctuated by light leaks, blurs and imperfections her images capture the magical qualities of youth, beauty and femininity. […]

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