Artists By Medium / Performance


Adam McAlavey

The Angels are experiments in the manipulation of the human form, turning the body into mechanical, supernatural beings. Adam makes the Angels out of latex and industrial scrap. Angels For […]

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Ana Ripoll

I work with Perspex, painting and making spaces, different combinations, interacting with the spectator, the work is finished but not the possibilities.

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Esther Ainsworth

Gathering recordings of sounds and rhythms in the landscape, Esther creates performances and installations which transform sounds into new and altered environments. Often her work allows participants to contribute sonic […]

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Live Art Development Agency

Live Art development Agency Study Boxes For Hackney Wicked LADA will curate a selection of Study Boxes each containing a range of hand picked DVDs, books and other materials around […]

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Mackenzie Scott Clowes

Mackenzie’s work draws as much from the history of portrait painting and carnival as it does from protest and propaganda. With a practice grounded in drawing Mackenzie has explored social […]

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Mai Nguyen Tri

NGUYEN TRI Mai is a Franco Vietnamese dance artist. For the last 20 years, she has drawn her inspiration from the waters, back and fro between Brittany coasts, salt marshes […]

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Malcolm Litson

I have an interdisciplinary approach to art that spans projection, audio, moving image and 2D media. Recent projects include experimental electronic music production and interactive projections.

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Maryam Hashemi

Visual artist using acrylics, watercolours, collage also a performer. My works are connected to the subconscious and magical dimensions. I’m rooted in my childhood and my Iranian upbringing and fantasy […]

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Oriana Fox

Oriana Fox is an American artist based in London. After graduating with an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, she has shown her work worldwide. Currently she is pursuing an […]

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Rodolph de Salis

Storage & Stockpile art; total decoration; 4D collage; melange; objet festivale; Gallery Everywhere & Capriccio sound-system. Important and varied collection of pictures and sculptural ingredients escorted by vinyl-vivant soundscape; the […]

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Simon Linington

It is my intervention, interaction and relationship with the world around me that manifest into an artwork. I use whatever process or material is appropriate to convey the idea. My […]

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