Artists By Medium / Painting


Adam Forman

Currently completing a series of paintings observing Ascot race goers and an installation on Orgreave in South Yorkshire, looking back to the miners strike and beyond at how time changes […]

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Adam King

Through collage and mixed media I appropriate materials and images from the urban environment and compose landscapes on paper and site specific installations that make reference to the organic. I […]

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Adrián Navarro

Adrián Navarro seeks to expand the vocabulary of the visual arts, establishing connections between the pictorial medium, perception, architecture and abstraction. Bio: Adrián Navarro (Boston, 1973) lives and works in […]

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Agustin Ciarfaglia

I mainly do painting and photography. The paintings are the immediate expression of my feelings: I am alone in the studio with different types of materials, and something (sometimes) happens…. My photos try […]

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Alex Burdiak

Visual artist Alex Burdiak moves between a range of disciplines and is not necessarily limited to a defined medium or mode of working. This varied approach encourages a diversity in […]

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Alex Chilvers

Oil painter and image maker. Drawing is the integral part of my practice.

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Alex Dipple

My practice intersects somewhere between language and architecture. I focus on how cross contamination could suggest new readings of divergent source material and encourage new ways of looking at the […]

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Alice Browne

Alice Browne (B. 1986, based in London) gained her BA Fine Art: Painting at Wimbledon College of Art (2009). Forthcoming and recent solo shows include Limoncello, London (2013) annarumma, Naples […]

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Ana Ripoll

I work with Perspex, painting and making spaces, different combinations, interacting with the spectator, the work is finished but not the possibilities.

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Annette Zera

I play with colour and movement, how differences can come together and maybe even dance

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Ant Carver

Ant Carver is a London based artist who combines the influence of street art with more traditional painting techniques.

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Distraction Display A

Anushia Nieradzik

Anushia Nieradzik is an award winning costume design for film, television and theatre. Based in London she works internationally. Anushia studied at Newcastle College of Art, and Central St Martins […]

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Begoña Toledo a.k.a BoxHead

Boxhead’s paintings question our notions of identity and self-hood. They speak of gender politics, urban existentialism and consumer culture. They speak, and while I don’t know what they’re saying, exactly, […]

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Benjamin Jamie

Benjamin Jamie’s paintings sit somewhere between reality and fantasy. His works represent the sense of optimism and redemption the natural world can bring in the face of ruin. He has […]

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Bernard Rangel

Contemporary Tribal Surrealism. A genre in art that is now well established with followers throughout the world. Hackney Wick is an excellent example of the luminal space this movement thrives […]

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Blanche Ellis

The mind as body, in metamorphosis. Blanche’s practice explores the notion of metamorphosis, using the body as a site of distortion, growth, journey and transformation. These bodies, half formed, stretched, […]

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Brendan Murphy

Emphasizing our shifting horizons and the mediation of experience beyond the simple articulation of volumes in space, Apeiron Fields lie between interiority and exteriority, representation and abstraction.

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Cara Barry

Cara draws beautiful monsters. Whether monstrous people or emotion, fantastical animal/ human hybrids or the grisly inner workings of the body or the human condition. Whatever medium used, there is […]

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Christina Maximoff

Christina Maximoff was born in Saint Petersburg from a Russian mother and a Ugandan father in 1976. She studied art and art history in various cities: Saint Petersburg, Brussels, New […]

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Claire Pestaille

I create collages that re-appropriate cultural iconography through deconstructing photographic imagery. The darkened theatrical space of cinema with the flickering lights of film produce illusionary representations of reality suspended in […]

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Clive A Brandon

Clive A Brandon makes abstract, architectonic and site responsive paintings, collages, photography, books, film and interventions using architecture and our experience of the city as inspiration. His work is a […]

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Coco Hewitt

Coco Hewitt’s paintings and drawings evolve in the making. The landscape marks its way onto the canvas, traces of memories of places real and imaginary. She is interested in the […]

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Cristina Banban

b. 1987, Barcelona, Spain Lives and works in London, UK EDUCATION 2010–2006 BA, Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2016 Solo Exhibition There isn’t Milk for the […]

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David Le Fleming

Le Fleming is known in some circles as that guy who likes to paint hair. Being somewhat of a linear geek, most ideas seem to stem from the prospect of […]

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Diana Taylor

Intrinsic to my painting is the process of erasure or ‘un-painting’: the destruction and abstraction of ornament and architectural decay as a direct result of nature, forming new meanings in […]

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Endri Kosturi

Endri has exhibited in Paris, Rome, Milan, and London throughout the past decade. In Endri Kosturi’s painting, themes of love and freedom frequently recur, not to mention the constant references […]

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Fareena Hussain

My work is about life, past and present, expressed through facts and metaphors.

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Floyd: of the Varey family

The third hand is always at work here.

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Frances Edmonds

Paintings and drawings exploring spatial environments, using artefacts in the British Museum as source material.

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Francisco Ortega

As an artist my aim is to leave behind what is familiar and embrace everything that is a mystery to me. In my work there is improvisation and arrangement; there […]

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Gethin Evans

Paintings and drawings, which deal with colour, light and image, using mini thematic still lives as a source. Previous paintings include landscapes and a series of paintings based on London […]

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Grace Aza-Selinger

Grace’s work doesn’t so much fill a brief as work to whatever is inspiring in that day or moment; ‘I try to avoid honing my style, I like to keep […]

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Graham C Harwood

Working in series, I am exploring ‘what paint might do’ with a focus on metaphorical landscape.

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CHAIN PAINTER - (10CM X 8CM - HIGH RES.) (4 STUDIES - Assortment)

Graham Duncan Elder

Graham Duncan Elder paints cubistic portraits of friends.  A current project titled ‘Chain Painter’ depicts Nadia Ugobuono (studio sharer) “fixed to the chair entranced”, states Graham.  Blacks, whites and greys […]

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Gretchen Andrew

Gretchen Andrew’s application of cutting edge technologies to traditional oil painting has received attention from The V&A, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Film Institute, The San […]

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my daughter, Rachel  8x6  2006

Haidee Becker

“My first startling encounter with Haidee Becker’s painting is refreshing with each new exhibition. Friends of hers and mine had left with her their two children for a few days. […]

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Hannah Brown

Painting and sculpture centred on the psychology of the English landscape Through painting and sculpture my work centres on the psychology of the English landscape. I am interested in the […]

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Hassan Vawda

I paint, I write, I think in Cinemas Never went to art school or learnt ‘proper’ technique but I am linked with art in an inseparable way. I did study […]

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Jackie Chung a.k.a. Pinkhead

Jackie is a artist/illustrator/designer. She used oil pastel and watercolor, she also likes painting on the wall. She also got many inspiration in London and make art in difference ways.

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James Faure Walker

Paintings – a mix of the drawn, the digital and the painterly. Born 1948, London. Studied at St. Martins and the Royal College of Art. Exhibitions include the Hayward Annual […]

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Janet Bell

Janet Bell paints pictures of people relaxing, swimming and sunbathing – using contemporary media – at the swimming pool on Hampstead Heath. She is inspired by the architectural setting, vibrant […]

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Jenny Blanchard

Rock like images built by manipulating carborundum.

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Jesse Wade

Jesse Wade presents a series of 15 paintings of the view of the Wick from 19 Oslo House, a view he has witnessed for nearly 10 years. The paintings are […]

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Jessie Woodgate

  I travelled, lived and worked in Java for a few years and was inspired by the yellow light that floods the landscape later in the day, the translucent violets […]

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Joanna Georgiades

Come and explore the studio of JOANNA GEORGIADES where she creates beautiful contemporary portraiture and landscape paintings. Memorial Portraits: a universal loss There are ironies in painting post mortem photographs […]

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John Hewitt

John Hewitt was born in Oldham, Lancashire and trained as an architect. Now based in London he works on screen and gyclée prints, and illustrations for books and exhibitions. He […]

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John King

John King’s art addresses the idea of inner life and its effect on outer life. Psychological portraits in two- and three-dimensions. Thoughts, imaginings, memories and their effect on the subject.

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Jon Purnell

Paintings dealing with a number of themes including the commodification of art, urban angst and the use of the body in advertising.

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Jonathan Ashworth

I grew up in Leeds, Yorkshire and am a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and the RCA, London. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch about my print work, […]

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Josephine Lyons

Josephine Lyons (born in London, 1983) studied at Goldsmiths (2002-06). She has exhibited in group exhibitions in London and Oxford, including ‘Opera and art’ at Covent Garden Film Studios (2007). […]

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Kate Baden Fuller

Kate Baden Fuller works as a glass artist and painter. Her commissioned glass works can be found in churches, offices, schools, hospitals and private houses. She uses sandblasted and acid […]

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Kathryn Place

As we have asked and discussed whether the camera lies, we might also ask how true a memory is when it is intermittently re-informed by an image of it. I […]

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Katie Horwich

Finding a copy of The Sun Newspaper every day, I paint the outfit I’m wearing that day onto the page three girl’s nearly naked body. Read more about Katie’s work […]

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Kirtland Ash

New work from the studio of Kirtland Ash

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Liam Mertens img 2

Liam Mertens

From New Zealand, spent the past 5 years in the UK. Exhibited several times since both here in the UK and in the Netherlands, working in oil paint and mixed […]

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Liz Elton

Liz Elton is has recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her work is included in this year’s John Moores exhibition opening in […]

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Lucie Winterson

I am working within the continuum of artists from cave painters onwards, whose subject matter is nature. As our relationship with and ideas about nature change so there is an […]

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Luis Martín

Luis Martín is a Spanish artist living in London since March 2013. Luis graduated in Fine Arts from Complutense University of Madrid, and spent a year studying in Coimbra, Portugal. […]

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Mackenzie Scott Clowes

Mackenzie’s work draws as much from the history of portrait painting and carnival as it does from protest and propaganda. With a practice grounded in drawing Mackenzie has explored social […]

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Malcolm Litson

I have an interdisciplinary approach to art that spans projection, audio, moving image and 2D media. Recent projects include experimental electronic music production and interactive projections.

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subhuti anxious

Marian Monas

EASTWAY LAUNDRY  – STUDIO 19 PORTRAITS I paint and draw portraits of ‘ordinary’ people: family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and strangers.   By painting portraits of older people, including self-portraits, I aim […]

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Marta Ceynowa

Marta Maria Ceynowa, b. 1991, Gdansk, Poland, graduated from the University of East London in Photography in 2013.

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Maryam Hashemi

Visual artist using acrylics, watercolours, collage also a performer. My works are connected to the subconscious and magical dimensions. I’m rooted in my childhood and my Iranian upbringing and fantasy […]

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Matilda Bale

Paintings and drawings exploring Hackney Wick and Bow landscapes

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Michael Chance

Painter, printmaker and draughtsman exploring ecology, technology and ancient philosophy. I work in an intuitive and experimental way with charcoal, chalk, graphite and oil to produce paintings, drawings and monoprints, […]

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Michael Hloušek-Nagle

I am an artist based in London. My work adopts the language of the Western figurative tradition in the belief that the depiction of the human being is still relevant, […]

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_DSC0514 (1)

Michael Sydney Moore

London based Artist. For purchase enquiries contact Website: 

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Michael Worobec

My work may be seen as a visual metaphor for the process of reproduction, growth and development both physical and emotional. In the complex and challenging experiences of life we […]

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Mick Frangou

My art practice consists of one symbol serially repeated. I have been using a T-shape since 1979. The act of its relentless serial repetition is an attempt to give the […]

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Miklos K. Hauser

Examining the too familiar. Stopping short of sentimentality, anthropomorphism and full-on kitsch – my works are painted in ways that approximate and suggest rather than establish and confirm. There is […]

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Nadia Ugobuono

I’m from Genova in Italy where I studied fine art . In 2011 I moved in Mother Studio in Hackney Wick and it has been since an amazing experience! I’m a […]

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Natalie Ryde

Intricate drawings and screen prints that pop, pulse, bulge and quiver. Natalie Ryde specialises in drawing, screen printing and participatory education projects. Her abstract, line drawings appear as floating woven […]

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Nick Nowicki

Nowicki paints character studies, groups, symbols, interiors, visions and observations – often in regard to the subconscious and self-meditative. Memory, imagination and humour are drawn in combinations of acrylic, ink […]

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Paul Brandford

Using photojournalism as an origin I seek to instinctively invent something in my chosen materials that has its own distinctive language and structure whilst somewhere containing a sense of the […]

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Paul Dash

My work is largely in pen and ink, mixed media and oils. The graphic works are meant to stand-alone and should not be regarded as planning material for the paintings. […]

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Paul Norton

My work, as the Italians say of their country, is a beautiful confusion. Whilst mindful of reality, I create other worlds as if viewed through a macro or micro lens […]

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Photis Charalambou

Through painting I give shape to intuitive and rational energies informing my experiences in the world creating moments of contemplation in the mysterious revealed in both complexity and refinement. The […]

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Rachel Mercer

I am a figurative painter and draughtsman. In 2013 I completed my post-graduate studies at The Princes Drawing School. My interests are in nature and meditation. My subject matter is […]

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Rhodri Jones

Oil Painting At the moment, Rhodri Jones is interested in; explosions, colours, layers, operations, war, nightmares, the future, random objects, skin, horses, chalk drawing, patterns etc. I think he is […]

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Richie Sands

Richie Sands is an Artist living and working in Hackney Wick. His work crosses the borders between art and craft, incorporating paintings, often for commission, sculptural objects and furniture.

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Robert Aberdein

Rob is one of our longest standing studio holders and what he can do with his hands is quite incredible.

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Rodolph de Salis

Storage & Stockpile art; total decoration; 4D collage; melange; objet festivale; Gallery Everywhere & Capriccio sound-system. Important and varied collection of pictures and sculptural ingredients escorted by vinyl-vivant soundscape; the […]

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Rossen Daskalov

Figurative artist working in painting, sculpture, drawing and printing. In my works I express the antagonism between individual and norm. This tension opens the content of the human form, its […]

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Rossen Daskalov

Figurative artist working in painting, sculpture, drawing and printing. In my works I express the antagonism between individual and norm. This tension opens the content of the human form, its […]

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Sarah Cooney

Sarah Cooney (b.1982, UK) received her MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in 2008. My work combines a personal sensibility with an approach to abstract painting visualised, […]

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Shelagh French

She works from life within her local Epping Forest and the endless coastline surrounding the UK, with sketches, paintings or photographs, then taking these images to her studio, she transposes […]

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Shona MacPherson

Since taking part in two residencies, one in rural Finland and one in Iceland my work investigates the way human’s relate to landscape and wilderness. I am interested in the […]

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Sibyl Montague

Montague graduated with an MA from Chelsea College of Art in 2011 and lives and works in East London. Recent solo exhibitions include Arm Around You Oriel Davies, Wales (2012) […]

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Sinem Mucur

Website: Email:

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Susan Swartzberg

My artwork attempts to ask both the viewer and myself what enables or inhibits change, through visually representing feelings and emotions, exploring the notions of transformation and stagnation and investigating […]

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Vanessa Mitter, Deep Sargasso, mixed media (oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache and collage) on canvas, 125cm x 70cm, 2015-16

Vanessa Mitter

Vanessa Mitter’s paintings are both exuberantly high-octane in terms of colour, but mordant in terms of their conceptual approach. Endless layers of patterning, collage and gaudy colouring are deliberately extreme, […]

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Wendy Rolt

Paintings in oil and other mediums, from life through figure and the surrounding city.

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Yvona Nov

East London based illustrator and graphic designer. Her drawings of animals are very much result of self-meditation. By entangling elements of plants, psychedelic lines and spirals she reveals her appreciation […]

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Zack Thorne

Zack Thorne, b. Cheltenham 1987, graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in Fine Art Painting in 2009.

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