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Marie Brenneis & Olivier Adam

Marie Brenneis and Olivier Adam have been working together as DollyOlli since 2009 – exploring maximalism through sculpture, installation and furniture art.

Their work draws influence from animation, manga and cartoons.

They are interested in bringing a smile to our faces and lighting up our day and love to play with colour, materials and scale. They try to encourage quirkiness, play and fun with the general public, and like to place their comic, cutish sculptures in public areas that need uplifting.

Marie, the fine artist, is the conceptual one whilst Olivier is the craftsman. Together, they make sweet sculptures and installations.

Marie Brenneis

Marie Brenneis creates Sculptural Installations and Performances that investigates Sensory, Kitsch, Appropriation and Popular Culture.

Marie prioritises sensory pleasure over intellectual response. She selects materials that are familiar and have a strong personal resonance, so that they offer a way into the work as well as a springboard to a psychological space.

Her unconventional displays consider how our built environment increasingly conditions our visual and physical freedom and imaginative potential.


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