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A dynamic force for promoting local culture - dedicated to providing a platform for artists to showcase their work alongside established and international names.

This year, instead of a full blown festival, Hackney WickED is programming a series of smaller scale curated events, focusing on each of the key pillars of engagement: Art Exhibitions, Open Studios, Performance, Music, Film and Development.

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Hackney WickED - Programme of Events


Now uniquely in The Wick, the artistic community is becoming the local community.

To reflect and utilise this exceptional situation, Hackney WickED are working on a number of projects that sit somewhere between professional development for artists and facilitating an exchange of ideas, methodologies, skills and stories between practicing artists and creative locals.

The Development programme has been built on longterm relationships with local schools, community groups and the growing number of artists/creatives living and working in Hackney Wick and Fish Island.

History of the Development Programme

In 2010 Hackney WickED had its first full education programme; over 150 local school pupils made artwork of an installation of canal barges, while families and festival goes took part in a Hackney WickED treasure hunt.

In 2011 the education programme was responsible for the conception of ‘Exchange Projects’ a residency for six artists based on Queens Yard for four months. During this time they received over 1500 members of the public in their studio/exhibition space, ran workshops, held talks, curated shows and staged a play.

In 2012 the education programme was re-named ‘Development’ to reflect the festivals commitment to developing links with the community whilst developing local artists and sustaining local artistic practice in Hackney Wick and Fish Island.

In 2013 Hackney WickED had a comprehensive and exciting range of Development events taking place throughout the year, and of course during the three-day festival from 16th-18th August 2013.

The 2014 Development programme was the most extensive yet, with over 30 workshop and educational events taking place at the 2014 Hackney WickED Art Festival alone and many more happening throughout the year, including at local schools and the V&A as part of its Friday Lates programming.

Festival Director Jack Brown, who runs the Hackney WickED Development programme, was one of four gallery educators to win the 2014 Marsh Awards for Excellence in Gallery Education at the 2014 engage International Conference for ‘dedication or innovation in making the visual arts more accessible’.

The 2014 Hackney WickED Development programme was brought to you by:
The Education Team
Director - Jack Brown
Team – Gerald Curtis, Isobel Manning, Alice Wilson, Sadie Edington, Aida Wild, Lisa Price, Elly and Darcy (Community Releaf) John Atherton, Harry Meadows, Natasha Bird, Anna Krisikova and Josephine Elvis.


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